Vital honey

Vital honey

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Vital Honey VIP

Vital Honey | Vital Honey VIP for men Dose vital Malaysia

  • Box Weight: 235g
  • Dimensions: 15.5cm x 9.5cm x 4.3cm
  • Sachet Weight: 15g
  • Sachets Quantity: 12 Sachets / box
Vital Honey | Vital Honey


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Product Description

Vital Honey for men VIP where the strength and hardness and integrated food for young people and the elderly, which delay ejaculation and maintain the performance of solid and distinct sexual prolonging the period of intercourse and erection, arousing lust and sexual feelings gives self-confidence and desire to repeat the activity.



  • Mountain Honey 96%
  • Caviar Powder 1.5%
  • Tongkat Ali Root 1.5%
  • Cinnamon Powder 1%

High-fat foods help produce sex hormones. Caviar also contains the amino acid L-arginine which increases blood flow, which, in turn, is thought to increase desire. Because caviar is an egg, it is both rich in nutritional value and a symbol of fertility – the psychological aspect of an aphrodisiac food “vital honey with caviar”.

Tongkat Ali Root stimulates the Testicular and adrenal cortex for the secretion of more male hormones (testosterone).

Enlargement and expansion of blood vessels reducing blood pressure. Cinnamon contains polymers, including methyl hydroxy chalcone, which works to regulate the levels of sugar in the human body when we eat cinnamon What is obtained in the body is: To replace the process of storing sugar and accumulation to burn and turn it into energy that manages and gives sexual life a boost, strength, and vitality.

How to Use

Take one sachet 2 hours before bedtime by taking into account the amount of drinking fluids “recommended to be taken after food”. Per Sachet effect continues for a period of not less than 48 hours so it is advisable to avoid eating on a daily basis and in very rare cases the dosage only takes effect on the second day of use, according to the body’s reaction. high-quality components no side effects Dose Vital Prevents premature ejaculation and maintains a healthy sexual performance. Improves orgasm. Increases sexual desire. You can Read about it on FDA.

How long does vital honey take to kick in:

Are you wondering how long it takes for vital honey to kick in? Well, let me tell you, this natural elixir works its magic pretty quickly! Once you consume a dose vital honey, you’ll start feeling its effects in no time. Within a short period, this USA-made wonder will begin to energize your body and uplift your spirits. Whether you need a boost of vitality or want to enhance your overall well-being, vital honey has got you covered. So, if you’re ready to experience the remarkable benefits of this amazing product, get ready to feel the difference in record time! Say hello to a revitalized you with vital honey!

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    I like it it works for me

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